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"I picked a bamboo forest because it's so relaxing. Favorite art piece in my living-room! Brings peace and comfort."
Jessica Weaver, CA
Model/ Social Media Influencer
"Still can't believe it's here! My beautiful #blinds with #sakura design. Thank you @cpdstu soooooooo much!!! This is so much better than #boring white blinds I had before."

A year later...

"It's been almost a year since you installed them, and I'm in love with them! Never get tired from this masterpiece!"

Karina, CA
"Got the tiles and I love them. We will be installing them within the next two weeks and I will send you a picture...thanks so much😄👍"

"We love it. That's for such great service😄👍"
Jennifer, MI
"Hi Katrin! Here's the finished work. Thank you for your awesome service."
Patricia, CA
"Thank you very much! You will get my repeat business because of your professionalism and great customer service!!"
Kathy, WI